Kate Mathers on a field trip - wearing waders and knee deep in a stream

Dr Kate Mathers鈥 UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship funding extended

Dr Kate Mathers has been awarded additional funding by UKRI to extend her successful Future Leaders Fellowship (FLF) to seven years.

Dr Mathers' Fellowship explores the ecological impacts of fine sediment deposition within freshwater ecosystems – one of the world's most endangered habitats.

Intensive farming and hydrological extremes – associated with climate change – have significantly increased the quantity of fine sediment delivered to river channels. This is causing them to become unsuitable – even inhospitable – for many native flora and fauna, affecting all links in the food chain.

Dr Mathers’ research is identifying the factors influencing the severity of fine sediment pressures. This will provide a framework to determine where and when rivers are most at threat.

During the first three years of her Fellowship, she and her team have made significant advances, adding new knowledge to the field of river science applicable to freshwater ecosystems worldwide.

She said: “Being awarded the FLF has completely transformed my career – consolidating my standing as an emerging international research leader and significantly enhancing my global reach and network. I’ve been able to undertake completely new, high-quality research.

“I’m excited to continue working on this important and often overlooked environmental issue, and hope real progress can be made in supporting our freshwater ecosystems.

“I’d like to extend a huge thank you to my core team, collaborators, project partners and mentors who’ve worked with me over the years. They have been instrumental in this research. I look forward to more fruitful research over the coming three years.”

Michael Hoyler, Head of Geography and Environment, commented: “I am absolutely delighted that Kate has secured an extension to her Future Leaders Fellowship. This highly competitive scheme aims to develop the next generation of world-class research leaders. It is wonderful to see Kate’s innovative research flourish here at 黑料网.”

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